Our Drivers

Qala Express Drivers

Being an employee of Qala Express Transportation Department the employee shall carry out duties of company’s Driver in accordance with his current driving license, general qualification and, complying with internal regulations of the Company.

The key requirements to Qala Express Drivers are as follows:

  • Safe driving
  • Strict compliance with all Company safety rules and the Traffic regulations of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • Discipline
  • Customer service

Drivers wishing to work for Qala Express will have to pass pre-employment medical check-up at Company approved clinics.

According to the Driver Permit Program regularly be willing and ready to verify his/her professional mastership in safe driving of vehicles on general roads and off-road conditions by passing through training courses and tests conducted by Driving Instructors

Drivers shall pass pre-employment security clearance

Driver's badge
Driver's Permit
Driver's Medical Checkup